My Justice League picks, 16th collage

Oliver Queen's gang had degenerated into mindless brutality. What had 

started out with good intentions eventually led to abuses of justice. 


This change in methodology caused a fracture in the group. The most 

outspoken critic of these changes was Jordan Cross. Jordan's concerns 

were soon echoed by Kyle Tippet, and finally with Bart Allen. 


Bart Allen's obsession with stopping crime in Metropolis, which had become an

epidemic because of the large number of metahumans living there, caused him to

not consider the implications of his actions at the time. But through his conversations

with Kyle Tippet and Jordan Cross Bart came to understand that not only were his

actions wrong but they were also illegal.


When Bart began to realize the repercussions of his actions, while acting as a

member of Oliver's gang, he was furious. He was also angry at himself for not

realizing the wrongfulness of what he had been doing.


Bart placed a large part of the blame on Arthur Curry for bringing Helena Bertinelli

and Black Canary into Oliver's gang, along with their vigilante brand of justice. He

confronted Arthur, told him what he thought about him and his new friends, and

then punched him in the face so quickly that Arthur fell backwards. Bart's attack was

a blow to Arthur's ego. Not knowing how to fight back against Bart, who could move

hundreds of times faster than Clark Kent, Arthur decided that he would wait and talk

to him after he calmed down.