After the attack on the Justice League's headquarters, in which most of her followers had either surrendered or been captured, Star Sapphire joined Lex's Legion in return for their protection. She swore allegiance to Tina Greer, Lex's head of the Legion and commander of the Vanguard (a faction of the Legion responsible for identifying and eliminating threats to Luthorcorp).

Star was disgusted at having to kneel before her former enemies, but she was desperate. Star was made to kneel before Tina Greer, someone who had terrorized her as a teenager. She stoically begged for her admittance into the Vanguard.

She was completely humiliated. She despised Greg Arkin and Jodi Melville now more than ever, who had turned themselves over to the Justice League without a fight.

With the League's influence Jodi Melville served only six months in prison. Greg Arkin was given a sentence of five years. They were newer members of the Hand, and did not play a large part in their terrorist operations.

Greg and Jodi originally saw the Hand as freedom-fighters but they soon learned from their mentor Byron Moore (AKA Werewolf) that the Hand had a careless disregard for human life. To protect Jodi, Greg Arkin secretly accepted tasks that were given to her by Byron, tasks that included destruction of private property and intimidation.

After Jodi had served her six months she sought membership in the Justice League. Council members Clark Kent and Bart Allen were both concerned that Jodi might be traumatized from her experience with the Hand, but Jodi persisted and told them that she was ready to serve the common good. Clark and Bart ultimately accepted her request for membership.

Star was furious to learn of Jodi's acceptance into the League, yet in the time Star spent as a member of Lex's Legion she had learned patience. She carefully planned her revenge against Jodi. In the meantime Star sent assassins after Greg Arkin, who had been incarcerated at Stryker's Island Penitentiary near Metropolis.

One after the other Star's assassins were defeated. Although Greg was a newer member of the Hand his myriad, insect-like powers rivaled even Star Sapphire's abilities. Greg's powers included superhuman strength, speed, agility, the ability to cling to solid surfaces, and web projection. Greg was also able to transmute himself into a swarm of insects--a tactic he used to escape
Clark Kent when they fought as teenagers.

Star would not yield and continued to send assassins, fiercer than before, and in greater numbers.

One day Greg Arkin was forced to kill one of these assassins in self-defense. He was visited soon after by
Clark Kent and Bart Allen, members of the Justice League.

Although Greg appeared to be handling himself well against Star Sapphire's minions, the continued attacks took a toll on his psyche. While he had been fond of insects as a teenager he eventually became disgusted by his abilities, and his frightening potential to inflict harm. He appealed to the Justice League for help.