It was a month after Bart Allen discovered his secret, and the two of them fought, that Arthur finally confessed to his best friend, Victor Stone. Arthur had leaked the location of the Edge Gang's hideout to Lucas Luthor, brother of Lex Luthor, someone he had met a long time ago while gambling in Edge City. It wasn't long before Lucas's gambling debts caught up with him again and he sold the information to Lex.

Lex ordered his Legion to wipe out the Edge Gang, and then to plant explosives at their hideout after the job was done. The explosion caused a fire that destroyed several surrounding buildings, including a children's hospital.

Upon hearing this news from Arthur, Victor said nothing. He walked into Oliver Queen's office, said a few words, and then left the Agents of Justice gang forever.

Arthur stayed on with the Agents of Justice for two months. But eventually he began to wonder what was worse: the dozens of deaths he caused with his carelessness or the fact that Oliver didn't seem to care anymore. He headed to the nearest dock.

When he got there he found
Clark Kent waiting for him. "What the hell are you doing here Kent?" he said.

Clark said "I'm not here to stop you. I'm your friend Arthur. You can run away from your mistakes, but you'll never be whole again until you take responsibility."

Arthur didn't want to leave. He wanted to be strong like
Clark, but he needed some time to himself. He walked up to Clark, shook his hand, and gave him a pat on the back. "I'm gonna miss you Kent", he said. "You never got your chance to race me underwater."

Clark glanced out into the water.

Arthur said "another time". He smiled, waved goodbye, and dived out into the ocean.

Clark watched Arthur swim at super-speed into the sunrise. "He's a good man", he said.