'Trial by Fire'
Arthur stayed on with the Agents of Justice for two months.
But eventually he began to wonder what was worse: the dozens of deaths he caused with his carelessness or the fact that Oliver didn't seem to care anymore. He headed to the nearest dock and swam at super-speed into the sunrise.

For weeks Arthur swam through the depths of the ocean. He traveled all over the world. He was relieved to feel water around him, yet he was still unable to escape the guilt he felt for his carelessness that lead to the destruction of the Metropolis Children's Hospital and the gang violence that occurred after the destruction of the Edge gang.

Arthur had once dreamt that he would be a hero to the citizens of Metropolis, but the warring metahuman gangs left him few options than to fight fire with fire. He felt now that he had no purpose. He swam aimlessly through the ocean. At times he would swim to the North Pole and to fiery underwater volcanoes in a reckless attempt to test his resistance to heat and cold. He also stopped at casino resorts where he recklessly gambled away most of his fortune.