After Arthur finally quit the Agents of Justice he swam aimlessly through the ocean. At times he would swim to the North Pole and to fiery underwater volcanoes in a reckless attempt to test his resistance to heat and cold. He also stopped at casino resorts where he recklessly gambled away most of his fortune.

One day Arthur arrived in
Macau, China, the home of the largest casino in the world. His favorite game was baccarat. He walked over to his favorite casino and located the baccarat table. When he got there he was shocked to find Lana Lang, whom he had met when she was dating Clark.

Lana was with a group of friends who he'd never met before. She explained that she and her friends were archaeologists from Metropolis who had been working for a local university through an exchange program. They had fun playing baccarat for about an hour and then they all sat down for a drink.

Arthur was intrigued by Lana's knowledge of archaeology. In his travels through the ocean he had discovered shipwrecks, some of which had made him very rich. He also found old relics that had no real value but he kept for sentimental reasons. He told her how he once found some unusual looking sculptures in
Macau among the remnants of an underwater city. The description of these sculptures intrigued Lana.

As the night drew on Arthur began to feel more and more groggy, yet he had only drank a small amount of alcohol. Suddenly he collapsed on the table in front of him, unconscious.

That night Arthur had nightmares. He dreamed that a werewolf-like creature had restrained him. Another creature who was more wraith-like drained him of his strength. Then he was taken to a place near the beach where he kept his local collection of artifacts. When he got there he was blinded by a whiteout, and could no longer remember where or who he was.