The Rise and the Fall of the Edge Gang

Over time Oliver Queen's gang was able to establish themselves in Metropolis. They

maintained a relative calm among the metahuman gangs who would constantly rally

for power. In the meantime Lana Lang continued to gather followers to her vigilante

cause, yet she chose to remain mostly outside the city, preferring the earthiness and

secrecy of the Kawatche reservation. Also at this time Lex had not yet made a move

to take on the gangs of Metropolis. 


Oliver's gang considered their biggest threat to be the remnants of the Morgan Edge

gang, who had since recruited among the metahuman population. The Edge gang

increased in strength after Lionel Luthor learned about his son's ambitions to create

an elite task force of metahumans for his own purposes. Upon this discovery Lionel

went into a jealous rage. Fearing his own death at the hands of his son Lionel threw

all his support and finances behind the Morgan Edge gang. 


The leaders of the Edge gang were elated to receive Lionel's support, but in their

jubilation they did not anticipate the speed of Lex's response. When the moment was

right Lex moved into Metropolis with his "Legion of Doom". He ordered them to wipe

out the Edge gang to set an example for the other metahuman gangs. Lionel Luthor

was killed in the attack. Metropolis was thrown into chaos once again as the

metahuman gangs rallied to fill the vacuum of the Edge gang. 


In the brutal aftermath Arthur Curry, Helena Bertinelli and 'Black' Canary were finally

able to convince Oliver to allow them to use harsher methods to bring back order to

Metropolis. In the meantime Bart Allen became obsessed with fighting crime, so

much so that Bart soon found himself the unwitting accomplice of the darker

elements of Oliver's gang.