A while ago I posted some ideas for a Batman guest appearance on Smallville.

My idea was that young Bruce Wayne, traveling the world in search of bringing criminals

to justice, like in the movie Batman Begins, would come to Metropolis. He somehow learns

about Kryptonians, and figures out that green kryptonite hurts Kryptonians. He then uses

the green k to kick their collective asses, and maybe gets into a scrap with Clark too.


Other ideas:


First Bruce picks up some green k, because he thinks its good luck. Next he

slaps Clark around because he thinks he's a troublemaker.


Bruce then goes to give Lex a body cavity search, without an appointment,

and is beaten savagely by his guards.


Finally, Clark could save Bruce by carrying him, still having his kryptonite, away

from Lex's man-eating poodles which relentlessly guard his mansion after dark. After

Clark finally collapses, from the kryptonite, maybe Bruce would realize what Clark did

and the would become great friends. Or maybe he'd just slap him around again. Either

way, it would be pretty exciting I think.


More ideas:


Maybe Bruce Wayne comes to Smallville after hearing about

some fight involving Clark. When he arrives in Smallville he finds a piece

of green k after seeking shelter in a bat cave. Thinking it's good luck, he

picks up the green k and puts it in his pocket. Later, Bruce happens upon

Clark facing off with some bad guy. Not knowing Clark's intentions, Bruce

tries to interfere. The bad guy bolts. Clark tries to follow but is stopped

by Bruce. Not knowing about the green k in Bruce's pocket, he tries to shove

Bruce out of the way. Bruce knocks Clark on his ass. Clark later explains to

Bruce what was going on. Bruce doesn't believe him, and slaps him silly.

Bruce then goes to find the truth himself. Clark bitches about Bruce to his

friends, but Chloe thinks Bruce sounds coolio. Chloe makes some excuse to

get away from Clark and goes to find Bruce. By the time the episode is over,

Bruce demonstrates that he is a decent human being, and can kick some

serious butt, Chloe still thinks he's spiffy, but Clark still thinks he's a

menace to society, and doesn't invite him to his pool party.


More ideas:


Maybe Bruce would find himself in area in Smallville looking for shelter.

Maybe from a distance he might spot a glowing green stone. It grabs his

attention and he walks over to see what it is. By chance, it happens that

the green stone is at the entrance of a cave. Bruce is greatful to find

shelter. He picks up the stone to remind himself of his good luck.