‘Dark Horses’ (JLA #25)

Justice League council-leader Kevin Grady was killed in an attack by the Hand of Vengeance, a metahuman gang of vigilantes lead by the notorious criminal Star Sapphire, and the Justice League's headquarters was virtually destroyed. The Hand was aided by Bizarro, causing the League to believe that Star and Lex were now working together.

At Kevin Grady's funeral
Clark Kent, who had become the Justice League's temporary council-leader, took the opportunity to priase Kevin Grady's life. He recalled how Kevin had once been a member of the Hand himself, and how he eventually came to question their ways of vengeance, rebelling against them and saving Emily Dinsmore.

"The world is full of good people, like Kevin", he said, "who were once misguided". "The Justice League will be a beacon for them, a symbol of hope. We will rebuild our fortress so that it is stronger than ever before."

(list of characters, clockwise: Christian Bale as Batman, Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, Bart Allen (Impulse), Maria Bello as Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Julia Ormond as the Huntress)