The Beacon

Clark Kent recently joined up with Jordan Cross, Bart Allen and Kyle Tippet. Together they formed a group which they named the Justice League. One of the original goals of their group was to help to maintain law and order in the town of Smallville and the rest of Lowell County.

To achieve this goal they began to seek out new allies. Among the people they sought out were several metahuman gangs in Metropolis who had been sympathetic to their goals in the past.
Clark, now calling himself by his Kryptonian name Kal-El, was highly respected by these gangs not only for his awesome powers but for his honest and noble character. Clark met with them personally to discuss an alliance.

But at that time Metropolis was more chaotic than ever. Gang violence escalated after the eradication of the Edge gang, which caused a power vacuum in Metropolis. There was also much fear of Lex Luthor's special operatives, a group more commonly referred to as the "Legion of Doom". The Legion had single handedly managed to wipe out the Edge gang overnight, and were largely considered to be invincible.

There were also suspicions about the Justice League. Jordan Cross, Bart Allen and Kyle Tippet had previously been members of a gang known as the Agents of Justice led by Green Arrow. While the "agents" had originally sought to contain gang violence in Metropolis, darker elements of Green Arrow's gang eventually began a strategy of pitting one gang against another, seeking to wipe them out entirely.

And at that time most of the remaining members of the Agents of Justice gang continued that goal. The most zealous member of the gang was Helena Bertinelli, who had become known in Metropolis as the Huntress. Black Canary continued mostly out of loyalty to her friends, although she had eventually come to regret the path she had chosen. Green Arrow was torn between the two of them. He was either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the guilt he felt for his part in violence that led to numerous deaths, deaths of people who were both guilty and innocent. He was a shell of the man he had once been. He hid his face beneath his dark goggles and hood. His clothes were tattered and he neglected to shave.

Clark was a voice of optimism in some very dark times, but he found little to no support among the Metropolis gangs. Against the Legion of Doom the Justice League would stand alone.