At the Justice League's headquarters an alarm sounded. They were under attack by the Hand of Vengeance, a group of metahumans who dedicated themselves to vigilantism.

Kevin Grady, the Justice League's current leader, was being moved to a more secure part of the compound. He was accompanied by
Clark Kent, who was going by the code-name Superman (the name that he was known by to the public).

There was a loud explosion. Star Sapphire, accompanied by Bizarro, had penetrated the compound. With help from Bizarro's x-ray vision she was able to locate Kevin Grady, and with Bizarro's guidance she fired a laser from her ring. It hit Kevin Grady in the stomach, immobilizing him.

Clark flew at them, but he was too late. Bizarro struck Clark in the jaw. Star, in turn, also punched him in the jaw. Star and Bizarro continued striking Clark over and over again, in succession, until Clark finally fell on the ground, unconscious.