The Hand of Vengeance waged a bold battle in their quest to save humanity from dangerous meteor freaks and aliens, including Kryptonians. At times the Hand would fight against both the Justice League and Lex's "Legion of Doom". They were often outnumbered, and attacked in mostly hit-and-run skirmishes.

They survived on adrenaline and hate. But over time took its toll on Lana (AKA Star Sapphire) and her band of vigilantes, eating away at them. Every day a part of their souls faded away.

Eventually their path of destruction and devastation changed them forever. They were far from their noble goal of the past, of saving humanity. They became almost unrecognizable to their former friends and families. Star Sapphire became known as a notorious criminal by the press and as a dark goddess to the Kawatche people. The Hand of Vengeance, while originally seen as noble vigilantes, were branded as terrorists.

When Kevin Grady, a former member of the Hand, ascended to the rank of council-leader among the Justice League he began a relentless campaign against his former comrades. Only a handful of them were powerful enough to elude him. Kevin, now going by the code-name Vesper, was obsessed. He still had a great deal of guilt for his role in helping to found and establish the Hand of Vengeance.

One day Byron Moore was inadvertently killed in a Justice League attack. The death of Byron, who was very close to Star Sapphire, drove her to the brink of madness. With help from Bizarro, who disobeyed Lex's orders so he could help her, she retaliated by leading an all-out assault on the Justice League in which she planned her revenge against Kevin Grady.

List of characters (clockwise): Van McNulty (Extinction, Asylum), Byron Moore (Nocturne), Jodi Melville (Craving), Greg Arkin (Metamorphosis), Jason Dante (Velocity)