[In the operations room at Justice League Headquarters Clark Kent, Bart Allen and Jodi Melville discuss the day's events]

Clark Kent: Bart. Have a look at this intelligence report. I need your opinion.
Bart Allen: [reads the intelligence report]Whoa. It's a set-up. We know those creeps don't move like this!
Jodi Melville: What is it?
Clark Kent: Lex's Vanguard Legion. This report says that they're planning to rob the Federal Reserve Bank in Metropolis [hands her the report].
Jodi Melville: [reads the intelligence report]Star! Star Sapphire is going to be there! And there's only three agents with her: Tim Westcott (AKA 'The Sandman'), Lowell Wilson (AKA Flex), and Subcommander Trent MacGowen (AKA 'The Terminator'). I can handle those guys myself!
Bart Allen: [puts his hand on Jodi's shoulder]No. Jodi, it's a trap and Star's the bait. There's no Tina [Greer], no Bizarro, no Sinestro.
Jodi Melville: But this is our chance to save Greg [Arkin].
Clark Kent: Bart and I met with Greg the other day, Jodi. Greg's going to be fine.
Bart Allen: [with his hand still on her shoulder] Jodi, Greg's going to be okay.