After receiving an intelligence report concerning a robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank of Metropolis, council members Clark Kent and Bart Allen set up a stakeout of the bank, using advanced technology to monitor the purported robbery from a distance. Meanwhile Justice League officers Green Arrow, Huntress, and Black Canary were positioned at strategic locations near the bank, ready to intervene at a moment's notice.

After an hour of surveillance, Clark and Bart detected minor explosions in the area of the bank. It was the break-in. Star Sapphire was using her power-ring to blow a hole through a concrete wall.

The breach in the wall enabled Bart and Clark to conduct a more thorough scan of the bank. The bank vault was empty. It was a trap, as they had suspected. The Vanguard were trying to lure them in.

"Ha! Nobody's coming, ya dill weeds!", Bart said. They both laughed.

A few minutes later they detected massive energy readings in the bank. Green Arrow noticed them in the distance. "What's going on
Clark?", he said over his communicator.

"It's Jodi.",
Clark responded. "Jodi's gone rogue; she's going after Star Sapphire!"

"We move?!", Green Arrow said.

"No time!",
Clark said. "Bart!"

Inside the bank Jodi Melville (AKA Stargirl) and Star Sapphire were in a heated struggle. With all their power they directed their energies at each other.

Star had the upper hand with her weapon, a Zamaron power-ring, but Jodi wouldn't give up. Jodi feared that if she didn't stop Star she would lose her friend Greg Arkin forever.

Jodi's persistence only made Star more fierce. In a fit of rage Star hurled Flex, one of her agents, at Jodi. He flew past Jodi, and through a hole in a wall behind her, falling five stories to the ground. Jodi's concentration faltered for a moment, giving Star the upper hand. Star let loose with a burst of energy that knocked Jodi off her feet. Jodi was unconscious. Star moved in to finish her off.