Star Sapphire let loose with a burst of energy that knocked Jodi Melville off her feet. Jodi was unconscious. Star was moving in to finish her off.

From out of the darkness
Clark Kent (AKA Superman) and Bart Allen (AKA Flash) appeared like ghosts. Clark stood between Star and Jodi. Bart picked Jodi up and disappeared a moment later.

Star continued walking toward
Clark. Star looked dazed, as if she was under the influence of some kind of drug. She muttered the name 'Clark' and looked at him inquisitively, as if she didn't recognize him. Clark wondered if somewhere in the deep recesses of Lana's brain a part of her was still good.

Suddenly her eyes turned into a cold stare. Star turned and flew outside like a bat, and then lit up like a firefly.

She had given the signal. The Vanguard were on their way.

Clark realized what was happening he was running beside Bart Allen. Bart had grabbed his arm, and was pulling him forward.

Behind himself
Clark felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Bizarro. He was a few feet away.

Bart and Clark moved faster and faster. Bizarro fell further and further behind, until finally Bart and Clark heard a scream behind them. They looked back and saw that Bizarro was howling in defeat. He sounded more like a monster than a man.