Jordan Cross, Kyle Tippet, and Bart Allen decided that if they were going to fight crime they would not do it by breaking the law. Together they quit the Agents of Justice gang and headed to Smallville, hoping that Clark Kent would join their cause.

One of their major concerns was the large number of meteor infected individuals in Smallville, and the potential of these individuals to wreak havoc on the population. To solve this dilemma
Jordan believed that a league needed to be formed in order to maintain justice in Smallville and across Lowell County.

Being an avid reader Jordan became inspired by the example of King Arthur and the code of the Knights of the Round Table.
Jordan believed that people should not only enforce the law but also dedicate themselves to principles of loyalty, honor, faith and steadfastness. Jordan also believed that it was the responsibility of the strong to defend the weak.

When they confronted
Clark, and told them of their intentions to form a new group, Clark was puzzled what he should do. He faced a decision that would change his life forever. He wondered what advice his father Jonathan would give him. He spent many hours on the phone talking to his mother in Washington. He spent days debating what to do. He also spent hours at his father's grave, hoping for a sign.

Clark eventually became convinced that joining their group, which they referred to as the Justice League, was the best thing he could do to help humanity, and that his father would be proud of him.

Jordan, Bart and Kyle were elated to hear
Clark's decision to join the League. Clark decided that as a member of their group he would be known as Kal-El.

Jordan felt that the group had a solid understanding of the code of the Knights of the Round Table he thought it necessary to have some kind of initiation to affirm their devotion to the code. He decided that they should climb Avalon rock, a large rock in Smallville surrounded by miles of golden wheat.

Together they climbed Avalon rock, using teamwork to help each other upward.

When they finally reached the top they congratulated each other and smiled. They gazed out at the beautiful fields of gold that surrounded them. Finally, they formed a square with four hands interlocked, and recited the Knight’s code:

"When called upon, to defend the rights of the weak with all one's strength

To never lay down arms

Never to break faith for any reason

Not to attack one another

To seek nothing before honour

To injure no one

To fight for the safety of one's country

To give one's life for one's country

To practice religion most diligently

To seek after wonders

To grant hospitality to anyone, each according to his ability

Whether in honour or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals"