Greg Arkin, imprisoned at Stryker's Island Penitentiary, was forced to kill one of Star Sapphire's assassins in self-defense. He was visited soon after by
Clark Kent and Bart Allen, members of the Justice League. Greg asked them for help, explaining that the continued attacks were taking a toll on his psyche.

Clark and Bart filed another appeal of Greg's sentence, and were surprised that the response of the court was very positive.

Clark and Bart were thrilled to be able to share this news with Greg, but Greg was still depressed. Greg knew that Star would never stop hunting him for his betrayal. He was also concerned about his abilities, and his frightening potential to inflict harm.

Clark and Bart tried to find some other solution for Greg. The next day they received a call from Dr. Jeff Palmer. Jeff, a former member of Lex's "Legion of Doom", had escaped the legion years before, and soon after began attending college under a new identity. Already a brilliant chemist, Jeff began to study neurochemistry, and received a doctorate degree in a few years. Eventually he developed a plan to "remap" the effects of kryptonite on the human brain.

He suggested to Clark and Bart that he might be able to remap the kryptonite in Greg's brain, moving it from primitive levels of the brain to very high levels. But the process had a major drawback. The patient would be in a coma for many months--possibly even years.

Clark and Bart met with Greg and told him of this new procedure. Greg's face lit up, even as he was aware of the drawbacks. Greg agreed.

The next day Dr. Palmer began the procedure with Greg in his lab at Belle Reve Sanitarium. Clark, Bart, and Jodi Melville, a close friend of Greg's, were able to view the procedure. They were not allowed in the lab room by Belle Reve security. Instead they watched the procedure through an observation window.

Clark and Bart had explained to Jodi that Greg had elected this procedure, even as he knew that he might soon be released from prison. They also explained that Jeff Palmer would be his doctor.

Jodi was concerned about Jeff. She asked
Clark if he was sure that Jeff could be trusted.

Clark replied, "Of course I trust Dr. Palmer, Jodi. Jeff Palmer saved my life."