After saving League members Jordan Cross, Kyle Tippet, Bart Allen and Kal-El from a secret Luthorcorp compound beneath Metropolis, the citizens of Metropolis cheered the triumph of the League over Lex Luthor's minions. A new supergroup was formed, having a senior team of the four original members and also a new junior team made up mostly of their rescuers.

Kevin Grady and Oliver Queen, being natural leaders, soon assumed leadership roles on the junior team. Other junior members quickly formed new friendships. Victor Stone and Black Canary (AKA Dinah Lance) found that although they had different upbringings they had many common experiences and values. Over time they became close friends, and eventually lovers.

Victor loved Dinah very much, but Dinah was still not completely over her break-up with Green Arrow. Even though Green Arrow had a temper, and would leave for days for his vacation home in the
Caribbean, she felt a bond with him that she never had with anyone else.

One day Dinah and Oliver eloped. Victor was furious. He quit the League and moved back into his dojo in Metropolis.

Victor was very upset. Even meditation couldn't clear his mind. To feel better he increased the output from his neural implants, numbing his senses.