After hearing that Dinah Lance (AKA Black Canary) had eloped with Oliver Queen, Victor Stone quit the Justice League and moved into his dojo in Metropolis. He was very upset. Even meditation couldn't clear his mind. To feel better he increased the output from his neural implants, numbing his senses.

As the days went by Victor increased the output more and more to ease his mind. The signal from his implants grew stronger and stronger. Eventually it grew so strong that it could be detected from miles away.

Soon the signal was detected by Lex Luthor's minions. They captured Victor and brought him before Lex.

Lex's scientists analyzed Victor and discovered that he had been adjusting his implants to numb his senses.
Lex decided to use this to his advantage. He implanted a new bionic eye in Victor that suppressed his emotions further It also made him more aggressive.

It wasn't long before Lex was able to convince Victor to work for him. But even as Victor agreed to serve Lex he refused to kill, muttering the words "nobody will ever get hurt again."

Lex's scientists analyzed Victor's mind further and used the information to upgrade a small army of robots they had constructed. Lex also learned from Victor of his relationship with Black Canary, and how she left him for Green Arrow.

Lex used information from Victor to locate and capture Green Arrow and Black Canary. After they had been captured, Lex turned them over to Victor, telling him to take his revenge.

Black Canary and Green Arrow had been imprisoned, and they had both been wounded in a struggle. Dinah was lying down and was unresponsive. Oliver sat on his bed. Like a cornered animal he glared at Victor from his cell, daring him to fight..