After capturing Victor Stone, and implanting a new bionic eye in him, Lex used information from Victor to locate and capture Green Arrow and Black Canary. After they were captured, Lex left them for Victor, telling him to take his revenge.

Black Canary and Green Arrow had been imprisoned, and they had both been wounded in a struggle. Dinah was lying down and was unresponsive. Oliver sat on his bed. Like a cornered animal Oliver glared at Victor from his cell, daring him to fight.

Victor walked forward. His appearance shocked Oliver. Oliver stepped back. "What the hell did they do to you, Victor?", he said.

Victor replied, "They made me strong again. They took away my pain and gave me hope". He walked closer and said, "I know you. You're Green Arrow".

"Yes", Oliver said, still shaken by Victor's appearance.

"And over there...is Black Canary", Victor said as he walked over to the other side of the cell. Dinah Lance was lying down, unconscious.

"I loved her", Victor said.

"I love her too", Oliver said. "We both love her."

"She turned her back on me", Victor added.

Oliver said, "I know Victor, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got caught up in our crazy lives."

Victor said, "I remember a Shaolin temple. I was studying at my temple in
China. It was summer. The trees were so beautiful. It was like heaven."

Victor continued, "And then a woman came to me, and she told me that my power could save countless lives. Lana Lang lied to me. She took my dreams from me."

Oliver said, "I'm sorry Victor. I never knew. You never told us about that."

Victor walked closer to the cell, and took a closer look at Dinah.

"She looks different to me now. I can hardly recognize her", Victor said.

Oliver said, "Try closing your left eye. Maybe your new eye is affecting your vision."

Victor closed his left eye and said "Yes. Yes. Now she looks like she once did."

Oliver said, "I don't like that new eye, Victor. Maybe you should get rid of it."

Victor replied, "Yes, I think I will. I feel much better. We have an understanding between us now."

Victor removed his bionic eye. He ripped off the door of Oliver's cell. Oliver picked up Dinah and walked over to Victor.

Victor said "Here. Take my eye. Take the south hallway. There's a scanner there. Scan my eye at the door and it will let you out. Follow the road to the west and you'll find a gas station. From there you'll be able to call for help. When you're safe, pick up a rock and crush my eye, and I'll know you're okay."

Oliver said, "Alright. What about you?"

Victor said, "I have things to take care of here. Luthor is developing a small army of robots. Somebody has to stop them. Good luck."

Oliver carried Dinah down the south hallway, and exited the building.