Victor Stone released Black Canary and Green Arrow from a secret Luthorcorp compound. Green Arrow carried Black Canary, who was critically injured, to safety. Victor stayed behind to stop Luthorcorp from upgrading a small army of robots to his own advanced technology.

Once Victor received the signal from Green Arrow, indicating they were safe, he walked to the center of the building and looked around. Through the darkness and through the walls, using his heat vision, he saw the robots who guarded the facility.

Victor picked up his rocket-propelled grenade weapon and fired in all directions. Robots dove at him, and tried to grapple him. Victor tossed them aside, and then continued firing.

The grenades tunneled through the walls and lodged themselves into the building's supports. After the last grenade was fired Victor hit a button on his forearm and the grenades exploded.

The building shook and creaked but didn't fall. Victor ran back to the center of the building. There stood two giant supports shaped like columns. Robots from all directions rushed at him, trying to pull him away. Like Sampson, Victor stood between the columns and pushed them apart, and the building collapsed on top of them.