In a last ditch attempt to stop Luthorcorp from upgrading a small army of robots to his own advanced technology, Victor Stone destroyed the building they were housed in, and was caught in the collapse himself.

He awoke in another Luthorcorp facility. "I have failed", he thought. Victor assumed that he would have been crushed, along with Lex's robots, but he was wrong. Lying helpless in a bed Victor closed his eyes and thought back to his Shaolin temple, where he had trained in
China, and slipped into a dream.

Victor dreamed that his spirit left his body and ascended to into the astral plane. He hovered within the room and looked down at himself lying in bed. He looked around and saw the Luthorcorp scientists who were working frantically to download the last data from his brain before his body stopped functioning. Lex Luthor stood over them, watching their every move.

Victor waved his hand and sent an electromagnetic pulse in all directions. The pulse destroyed all of the electronic components around him. Scientists ran back and forth, some to save themselves, and some to save their work. Lex Luthor stood there still as if he was in the eye of the tornado, awestruck by Victor's power, as computers exploded all around him.

Victor soared out of the facility and into the air at the speed of sound. He flew toward
Metropolis General Hospital where Black Canary was in critical condition, and slipping into a coma. As he flew over he waved his hand, healing her instantly.

Victor continued, flying over the great
Rocky Mountains, and then a great valley, and finally over the vast blue ocean, to China, to his Shaolin temple. There he was greeted by his teacher.

Victor asked his teacher, "Is this a dream master?"

His teacher replied, "Master, this is no dream."