Weeks after Green Arrow and Black Canary were admitted to Metropolis General Hospital the Justice League received intelligence that Victor Stone had died from injuries he received while in the custody of Luthorcorp's special projects division.

After hearing the news Arthur Curry, Victor's best friend, went to
Clark Kent, who at the time was the temporary leader of the Justice League. He walked into Clark's office and told him that he was finished, and would be leaving the League.

Clark said to Arthur, "I'm sorry Arthur. I know that Victor was your best friend."

"He was", Arthur said. "But it's more than that. I have to go."

Clark said, puzzled.

"My home is the ocean", Arthur replied. "My life is in the sea. I don't belong on land."

Clark told him, "I had that feeling once, when I first learned how to fly. I soared above the clouds. I never wanted to touch the ground again."

Clark continued, "But now the responsibility of leadership has fallen on my shoulders. Somehow I've never seemed to live up to the world's expectations."

"You've been good leader Clark", Arthur said.

"Thank you Arthur",
Clark said. "It's good to hear. But sometimes I think back to the days when Jordan Cross, and then Kevin Grady, lead us. No matter how grim the situation got, there was always a plan for what we would do next."

Clark continued, "Now Victor is gone, and the league seems so empty. We're lucky to have J'onn J'onzz as a member now, and with some more help we could do so much for this world. We need some more council members, and we need a new leader."

"I'm sorry
Clark. I can't stay", Arthur said.

"Don't be sorry. I've kept you here for years",
Clark said.

"I've kept myself here for years", Arthur said.

Clark continued, "Jordan Cross once told me 'A good leader would use the best talents his officers to achieve the best possible outcome'. Jordan and Kevin knew this. I'm not a great leader but maybe I can make up for that now."

"What do you mean
Clark?", Arthur said.

"Arthur, I want you to use your best talent. I want you to cross these oceans. Maybe we can fill those empty seats on the council, and then some",
Clark said.

Arthur said, "I'll do anything I can to help,
Clark. Arthur reached for Clark's shoulder, and gave him a serious look in the eye, affirming his commitment to the League. Clark did the same.

Arthur then turned and walked out of
Clark's office. He headed for the nearest dock and swam away at the speed of sound. Arthur soared through the oceans like a white knight in search of a new king.