Dr. Jeff Palmer, a former member of Lex's "Legion of Doom", had escaped the legion years before, and soon after began attending college under a new identity. Already a brilliant chemist, Jeff began to study neurochemistry, and received a doctorate degree in just a few years. Eventually he developed a plan to "re-map" the effects of kryptonite on the human brain.

He suggested to Justice League members Clark Kent and Bart Allen that he might be able to re-map the kryptonite in Greg Arkin's brain, moving it from primitive levels of the brain to very high levels. The process had a major drawback. Greg would be in a coma for many months--possibly even years.

Greg Arkin agreed to the procedure. The next day Dr. Palmer began the procedure with Greg in his lab at Belle Reve Sanitarium. Once the procedure was finished Greg was moved to a secure facility under the protection of the Justice League.

That night Dr. Jeff Palmer worked late in his lab at Bell Reve, reviewing the procedure. As he reached to open a file cabinet he was hit from behind. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

When he awoke he was shocked to find himself surrounded by a group of Lex Luthor's special operatives. The group was lead by Tina Greer. He was also shocked to see that they had released the patients at Belle Reve and incapacitated the guards.

At Tina's bidding the crowd screamed and cheered as Jeff awoke. Tina raised her hands in the air and there was silence. Two of her guards lifted Jeff from the chair onto his feet. Tina walked toward them.

Tina said to Jeff, "So you're a doctor now, Jeff."

Jeff made no response. He knew that Tina was aware that he was a doctor. After he went into hiding, years before, Lex eventually reneged on his order to have him killed and he was allowed to work at Belle Reve Sanitarium.

Tina continued, "And you've even helped the Justice League." Tina was referring to Jeff's recent decision to help Greg Arkin, a prospective member of the Justice League.

Jeff still made no response to Tina.

Tina became upset and signaled for one of his guards to hit Jeff. The guard hit him in the stomach so hard that Jeff nearly fell over.

Jeff was furious, and bitter. He spat on the floor and picked himself up. "When did you get out of Stryker's Island Penitentiary?", he asked her.

Island", Tina said casually. "From your Skinwalkers? I made it out of Stryker's Island in two months."

Still bitter, Jeff replied, "Yes. I think I read about it in the paper. Is it true that you drove your guard mad by changing your appearance to look like his daughter?"

Jeff continued, "You could have easily walked out of your cell but you had to have your way with him. It wasn't enough that you broke his thumbs so you made him write Lex Luthor's name with his own blood. How is your god these days?"

Tina casually said, "Lex is well. He'll be even better once you're gone."

Jeff laughed at her. "I'm closer to Lex than you ever were. Lex doesn't want me dead."

Tina, getting angrier, told Jeff, "Let the gods deal with gods. Us mortals will deal with you."

Tina continued saying, "Do you know why you're here?"

Jeff looked at the crowd around him. The crowd encircled them.

Tina continued saying "We were going to kill you Jeff, for deserting us, but now we're going to let you fight."

One of Tina's guards put a knife in Jeff's hand, and then the guards walked away.

"You remember how to fight, don't you Jeff", Tina said.

Tina continued, "You remember how we used to fight in the Legion? How you killed for me?"

Tina lunged at him with her knife. The crowd cheered.

Jeff stepped backward and screamed, "I never killed for you!".

Tina said, "You're one of us, aren't you Jeff?", and then lunged at him again.

Jeff screamed, "You told me I was a government agent! You sent me on a mission to stop a murderer!"

Jeff lunged at her. Tina laughed at him. "Can't you cut me, Jeff", she said. "Cut me if you can."

Jeff lunged at her again several times, finally grazing Tina's cheek.

Tina was furious. With one move she disarmed Jeff, and then she stabbed him in the stomach. Jeff fell to the ground.

Tina looked down on him and said, "I took you under my wing--helped you to survive when no one wanted anything to do with you! I taught you everything I knew and you rewarded me with nothing!"

Tina composed herself and continued saying,"That's what you are, Jeff Palmer. You're nothing. You're the son of a housekeeper..."

Jeff interrupted her, saying "Go shine my sister's shoes".

"The apple has fallen far from the tree", Tina said. "To the pleasure of my master Lex, your sister Amy Palmer has wisely decided to change her name to 'Eve Teschmacher'. Amy doesn't want you any more than I do."

Jeff screamed at her angrily. The sound of police cars could be heard outside.

Tina began to walk away as Jeff said, "I hope they haul you off to Stryker's

Tina turned casually and said, "No, Jeff. They're here for you. Go quietly now, or hide yourself like a dog, coward!", and then she walked away.