Sinestro, a former member of the Green Lantern Corps, sat in Lex Luthor's study. He thought back to the time he left the Corps years earlier after meeting Bizarro on Mars.

Bizarro, who was their prisoner at the time, told Sinestro about powerful beings on earth--beings whose powers rivaled the great Green Lanterns. Bizarro also talked about his leader, a human called Lex Luthor.

Sinestro marveled at Bizarro, thinking him a fool. "Why would a Kryptonian lower himself to the service of a human?", he thought. Sinestro, already feeling unappreciated by his commander, abandoned his post. He sought out Lex Luthor and his group of followers who called themselves the "Legion of Doom", determined to rule them all.

Eventually Sinestro became a part of Lex's Legion. He served Lex and fought with the Vanguard under Tina Greer, a metahuman with superhuman strength and the ability to change her appearance at will. Eventually he gained Tina's trust, and learned from her of the Kawatche Indian prophecy of Sageeth. She told him that Sageeth, who was Lex, could only be killed at the hand of Naman, a Kryptonian known as Kal-El.

Sinestro respected Tina's prowess in battle, but thought her a fool. Sinestro only respected Lex for his genius-level intellect.

One day Lex was captured and held at a high-security facility in
Russia. It wasn't long before Lex thought of a plan to escape. He managed to make it through the outer fence when he was confronted by a field of land mines. Instead of stopping, he continued on.

The guards laughed at him, expecting that he would be killed, but he kept on running out of sight. The guards came to believe that the ground had frozen so much that the mines were ineffective, and ran after him. They were wrong.

During the time when Mxyzptlk rebelled against Tina Greer, and Mxyzptlk ordered Molly Griggs to sabotage the Vanguard's power-inhibitor devices, Sinestro was left with only his power of flight. Eventually Tina managed to find Molly Griggs. Sinestro helped Tina to escape, lifting her into the air.

Sinestro remembered thinking how odd it was that he owed this human his life. Tina had saved them all. And then, a second later, he was shot in the arm.

He nearly dropped Tina. He remembered Tina screaming and crying in fear, and pulling harder and harder on his arm, and how he found himself struggling to save this human, this human to whom he owed everything. Sinestro carried Tina over ten miles to safety.

And now Sinestro sat in Lex's study, waiting over twenty minutes. He was to be Mxyzptlk's replacement as commander of the Rearguard.

Finally Lex opened the door, accompanied by several guards. Sinestro stood up.

Lex handed him a black book, the book that contained everything he would need to know about the Legion.

Sinestro took the book and stared down at it. Men had died to protect this book. It contained information about the Legion that not even Tina, his superior, had access to.

"I trust this is everything you will need?", Lex asked him. Lex was still irritated by Mxyzptlk's betrayal, and was in a foul mood.

"Yes...", Sinestro replied. Sinestro stared blankly at Lex, as if he was seeing him now for the first time.

Lex stared back, irritated.

Sinestro continued, "Yes...master."

A look of relief appeared on Lex's face, and they shook hands.
(the photo on the left is Jim Shield who played Ryan's stepdad in 'Stray')