'Murphy's Law'
Jeremy Creek and Lex Luthor traveled the world, showcasing Jeremy's powers to potential Luthorcorp investors. One of the places they stopped was Taiwan. The people of Taiwan, like many people around the world, celebrated the arrival of Jeremy Creek as a superstar. Jeremy was said to be the most powerful metahuman ever. He had an amazing ability to control both electricity and magnetism that allowed him to move objects and fly.

When they arrived in the city of
Taipei they were greeted by the mayor. The mayor was pleased to see them as Luthorcorp planned to build a facility there. Lex expressed his gratitude to the mayor, telling him how honored he was to be greeted by the people of Taipei.

Out of the corner of his eye Lex noticed the mayor’s bodyguard was glaring at him. Lex addressed the man saying, “I’m sorry officer. Have I done something to offend you?”.

“Yes”, the man stoicly replied.

The mayor frantically reprimanded the man, an inspector named Glen Chao. "You promised me you wouldn’t say anything!”, he said. The mayor apologized to Lex and directed him to the vehicle that would take them to the site of the new factory. But Lex politely asked to talk to the inspector. "Please, mayor", he said, "I would like to hear what this man has to say.” The mayor stepped back, ashamed.

“My daughter is dead”, Chao said. “My daughter is dead because of you!”

Lex was approached by one of his aids. His aid informed him that the man’s daughter was involved in an accident at a lab in
Taiwan that was conducting experiments on metahumans. The lab had recently lost its funding, which was transferred to Luthorcorp in anticipation of Lex’s and Jeremy’s visit. The inspector’s daughter had been on life support, but after the funding was lost they could no longer afford to care for her, and she died.

Upon hearing this Lex’s heart sank. He glanced at the ground for a moment and then reached out his hand to shake hands with the inspector, saying he was sorry. The inspector became infuriated and lunged at Lex’s neck.
Jeremy Creek got between them and then directed his power at the inspector, throwing him backward on the ground.

Inspector Chao's mouth bled as he had lost a tooth. The inspector asked Jeremy, “Why is it that the great hero
Jeremy Creek defends a killer?! I think it is because Jeremy Creek is no hero! I think that instead he is a killer! And that I shall have my revenge!”. The mayor directed his police officers to take the inspector into custody.

(The photo on the left is B.D. Wong who played Glen Chao in the X-Files episode 'Hell Money')