'The Whirlwind'
Inspector Chao was taken into police custody after attempting to assault Lex Luthor. The inspector blamed Lex for the death of his daughter who had been taken off life support.
Jeremy Creek intervened, saving Lex. Inspector Chao swore he would have revenge.

Jeremy and Lex continued on their tour of
Taipei. The cheering crowd raised their somber spirits. But later that afternoon they received a phone call. The police station where Chao was being held had been attacked, and Chao escaped with two other men.

They mayor's chief of security recommended that Lex and Jeremy be moved to a skyscraper downtown which was heavily guarded by police. Lex agreed. He and Jeremy were situated in a penthouse on the top level. Police were stationed on each floor.

Later that night Chao was caught. The mayor's chief of security insisted that he see Chao in person to verify his identity. He was brought to the chief, who was at the tower where Lex and Jeremy were located.

Lex and Jeremy watched Chao being led into the building through a video camera. Two officers held Chao's arms and walked forward. Suddenly the officers let go. The three of them made a movement with their hands and the chief of security flew backwards as if he was blown by a powerful wind.

Jeremy and Lex lost track of the men on the video cameras, but were able to track them through the building using an infrared scanner. The men moved from floor to floor in a matter of seconds, blowing the officers away with large gusts of air as they went.

They took one floor after another until they finally arrived at the top. Lex and Jeremy could hear the sound of a wind gust in the hallway. Police within the room ran to stop Chao but as they got to the door it exploded off it's hinges and flew across the room. Lex ducked behind a couch. Jeremy prepared to defend himself.

The three men flew at Jeremy. Jeremy used his power of magnetism to surrounded himself with a force field. The men bounced off of him, and then turned and flew at him again.

Unable to weaken his shield they started to fly around Jeremy. Jeremy spun as he flew beside them in the air. The whole room became engulfed in a whirlwind.

Jeremy panicked. He saw sharp objects flying around the room and thought of Lex. He yelled Lex's name over and over again but heard nothing. He screamed out loud in fear and lightning flew from him like talons, and together they all fell to the floor.

(Photos from left to right: Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, and B.D. Wong)