Justice League, sixth collage:

Kevin Grady is a former member of the Hand of Vengeance, a supergroup of

vigilantes led by Lana Lang, who recently effected the escape of Emily

Dinsmore from the Hand of Vengeance. Kevin took Emily to Chloe Sullivan, a

former group member who has since been rehabilitated. Kevin is happy to see

his former friend Chloe is behaving like her old self again, and is sorry

for his part in temporarily erasing her memories so she would continue to

obey Lana Lang (AKA Star Sapphire).


After talking with Chloe for several hours, Kevin comes to the realization

that he has no where else to go, and nothing to do with his life. In light

of Kevins recent actions, Chloe suggests that he seek membership with the

Justice League, and asks her long time friend Clark Kent to vouch for him.

Clark, although wary of vouching for a former enemy, is thrilled like Chloe

to see that Emily is safe again. He considers Kevin's plight.


Being a long time friend of Chloe Sullivan, Clark listens to what she has

learned in her conversations with Kevin. After meeting with Kevin himself he

finally agrees to submit his name for membership.


One month later Kevin is invited by the League to make his case. He

approaches the League eagerly, and discusses his recent change of heart and

his conversations with Chloe Sullivan.


Like Clark, the League members were loath to grant membership to one of

their former enemies. However they also greatly appreciated his act in

freeing Emily Dinsmore, which they also perceived as a blow to the Hand of

Vengeance power base.


After much deliberation, the League decides to grant membership to Kevin

after he has faced justice for his crimes. But in support of him they offer

to testify to his good deeds. The League expects that Kevin will serve only

five years.


Kevin is grateful for their willingness to testify, and agrees to face