After the incident in Taipei, Jeremy Creek flew to Mexico. He moved from city to city and eventually settled in Texcoco de Mora. He slept during the day, trying to keep a low profile. He spent his nights in bars, trying to forget about his past and Luthorcorp.

"Hola, Rosa", Jeremy said.

"Jeremy. Hola",
Rosa replied.

"One beer please", Jeremy said.

"You got it", she replied.
Rosa poured a beer and brought it over to the bar where Jeremy was sitting.

Rosa. Who are those kids outside the bar today?", Jeremy asked.

"The little boys?", she asked. "The little boys come here to beg the tourists for money so they can buy some toys."

"Oh", Jeremy said, surprised.

Rosa asked. "Did one of them bother you?"

"No. A little boy with a soccer shirt said that his father asked me to save his house. He must have me confused with someone else."

Rosa said. She looked down, saddened.

"What is it?", Jeremy asked.

"The little boy is Diego. He's from an orphanage. He has no father", she said.

Jeremy said, "But he said he had a father."

Rosa said, "His 'father' is Father Tomasino. He's a priest."

Rosa continued, "The orphanage has very little money senor. Father Tomasino prays to God to save the children."

"Oh", Jeremy said. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry", she said. "It's not your fault. Not much money to be made picking corn for the church. Men go north to
America these days."

"I had no idea", Jeremy said.

Rosa smiled. "The little boy has an imagination. He says you're an angel. He thinks he saw you flying outside his window."

"Oh", Jeremy said, embarrassed.

Rosa said, "Diego is a good boy. Little boys deserve a nice home."

"I think I could help", Jeremy said casually. "I could use the work."

Rosa said. "You are Americano, aren't you senor?"

"Yes I am", Jeremy replied.

"Not much money there senor. Men go north to
America. Why you come south Jeremy? You in trouble with the law?", she asked.

"No. No law", Jeremy sighed.

"Well if you want to pick corn you follow me when I leave tonight. Every week I go to the orphanage and drop off snacks for the children", she said.

"Alright", Jeremy said.
(Note: The photo on the right is actress Elizabeth Pena)