Justice League Headquarters was virtually destroyed in an attack by the Hand of Vengeance, a metahuman gang of vigilantes lead by the notorious criminal Star Sapphire. The Hand was aided by Bizarro, causing the League to believe that Star and Lex were now working together.

Members of the Hand known as 'Vendetta' and 'Hellfire' had been captured and taken into custody. Other members 'Eviscerator' and 'Darkstar' had surrendered themselves willingly to the Justice League.

The Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) had left to pursue Star Sapphire and Bizarro.

Kevin Grady, the Justice League's current leader, was being moved to a more secure part of the compound. He was accompanied by
Clark Kent, who was going by the code-name Superman (the name that he was known by to the public).

The other Justice League members lost contact with them during the battle. When the battle was over Bart Allen (AKA Flash) found them on the ground within the compound. Kevin had been shot several times.
Clark was unresponsive.

Green Arrow contacted Bart with his communicator. "Check Kevin first", he said.

Bart replied, "Kevin didn't make it. He's gone.
Clark's down. I'm bringing Clark outside."

A second later Bart appeared before the other league members, which included Green Arrow, Arthur Curry, Huntress and Black Canary. Bart lowered
Clark's body to the ground.

They waited a few minutes for the sun to revive
Clark but nothing happened.

"He's gone", Oliver said.

Bart stared down at
Clark. Under his breath Bart muttered, "Over my dead body."

"What?", Oliver asked.

Bart turned around, looked Green Arrow in the eyes, and said, "
Clark can't die, not while there's still blood in my veins."

Oliver was puzzled as to what Bart meant. He wondered if Bart was referring to a prediction by Jordan Cross, a former Justice League leader. He said, "There's nothing more we can do. We're on the top of a mountain. J'onn is off chasing Star and Bizarro, and out of communications range. We can't possibly get
Clark any closer to the sun."

"We can lift him up", Bart said, and proceeded to lift up
Clark's body, closer to the sun.

Arthur Curry and Huntress were still in a state of shock from the battle. They stared at Bart, bewildered.

Oliver said to Arthur and Huntress, "Well? Are you going to stand there guys or are you going to help us?", and he walked toward Bart, helping him with

Arthur, Huntress, and Black Canary joined them. Together they stood beneath
Clark and lifted him up toward the sun.