Jeremy Creek took over the task of picking corn for Father Tomasino. It was getting late. A truck would load the corn the next morning at 6 AM. Jeremy had to pick enough corn to fill the truck completely or it would not return for a whole month.

Sister Encarnación and Father Tomasino went to sleep. They were both very tired from the previous day. The next day they struggled to get up at
6 AM.

Finally they emerged from the orphanage. They opened the front door and gazed outside. There they saw not one but two trucks filled with corn. Father Tomasino and Sister Encarnación were shocked. Under his breath Father Tomasino said to Sister Encarnación, "Thanks to Jeremiah! The Americano who headed south to pick corn!". Sister Encarnación couldn't speak. She covered her mouth and gasped. Finally she said, under her breath, "It's a miracle, father!"

Jeremy had been standing by the trucks, talking to the men who loaded the corn. They crowded around him, amazed at the size of his crop. The men were shorter than Jeremy and when they crowded around him they made him look like a giant. They hounded him for information about corn and

Jeremy heard Father Tomasino and Sister Encarnación approaching, turned, and saw smiles on their faces. He laughed with joy like he had not laughed in a long time.
(Note: the photo on the left is Ana de la Reguera as Sister Encarnación in the movie Nacho Libre; the photo on the right is Mexican actor and producer Ernesto Alonso)