The Arrival of Green Lanterns

Bizarro, recently brought to Mars by the Martian Manhunter, was transferred

to the authority of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force

who enforces the laws of the Guardians of the Universe. They enforce their

laws using weapons called power rings.


A short time after taking Bizarro into custody, the corps detected an

odd energy reading from the planet Earth. The energy field was identified as

that of a Zamaron power ring. The corps immediately went to Earth to

investigate, fearing that their enemies, the Zamarons, had infiltrated



After investigating, they were relieved that the ring had been

discovered by a mere human by the name of Lana Lang, who they later also

learned was the leader of a vigilante group known as the 'Hand of



Eager to return to their respective home planets, yet sworn to obey the

laws of the Guardians, the corps decided to find someone in their stead who

could provide a balance for Lana Lang's newly discovered power ring.


After doing some research, the corps learned about a group of

metahumans who called themselves the Justice League, and how this

organization had a history of having altercations with the Hand of

Vengeance. They also learned about their leader Jordan Cross, who the press

described as having an "iron will". This pleased the corps. Only someone

with a strong will would be able to successfully wield a Green Lantern power



The corps quickly located the League's headquarters, and revealed their

dilemma to Jordan. They then offered Jordan a power ring if he agreed to use

it to keep Lana Lang's ring in check.


Many members of the Justice League rejoiced. They believed that now

they would have the ability to finally put an end to Lex Luthor's vicious

assassins and also the vigilante group known as the Hand of Vengeance.


But one member spoke out in protest. Kyle Tippet feared that Jordan,

the League's leader, could not both lead the League and wield a ring of

power without being corrupted. Kyle himself had personal experience with

being tempted by power, since having the ability to control someone's will

with a mere touch of his hands.


Bart Allen rejected Kyle's argument angrily. "How do think we're going

to survive against Lex Luthor's psychos and this new group of vigilantes

without this ring!", he yelled. "We need this ring! Jordan would never

betray us!" Clark tried to calm Bart down, pulling him back.


Jordan's wife Megan was also angered from Kyle's accusation. The League

had recently been outnumbered by their combined enemies, and she feared now

more than ever for Jordan's life.


Jordan stepped forward and addressed the League. "Thank you Bart", he

said. "I wish I could be someone who you could always trust. I wish you

would never have anything to fear from me, but Kyle is right."


He turned, facing the Green Lantern corps. "You're offer is very

generous, and we thank you for it", he said, "but I cannot take this ring as

long as I am leader".


The Green Lantern corps was shocked. According to their law they

couldn't leave Earth without appointing someone to balance the power of the

Zamaron ring. However, they also needed to return to Mars immediately in

order to relieve the guard for Bizarro. They decided that they would relieve

the guard, and then would return later to find another to take the ring. In

just a few seconds they flew away, back to Mars, but no one ever saw them