Note: The following story is based on the collage: 'My Justice League picks, ninth collage'
Note: Black Canary is represented by a photo of actress Maria Bello.
Lois Lane, reporting for the Inquisitor (newspaper):
Lex Luthor's dealings with the Justice League were becoming more and more
intense. The Justice League was growing into a threat that seemed to be
beyond his control. Unable to subdue them with his rumored Legion of Doom, a
group rumored to be a vicious gang of metahuman assassins, Lex is now said
to have fallen back onto his ties to power in
Washington. Allegedly, he used
these ties to influence the government to take Justice League members into

In addition it is also rumored that several government agencies,
including the FBI, had decided that they would acquiesce to Lex's demands
because of fears concerning the extent of Lex's grasp into their secretive

But when news of this policy change reached the press there was a public
uproar. Widespread protests erupted condemning the FBI's policy and
supporting the Justice League.

Fearing a loss of political support, Congress chose to intervene and
passed a resolution to prevent government agencies from arresting League
members without the explicit consent of the Supreme Court. In addition,
Congress mandated their immediate release.

It is rumored that, in response, Lex sent his Legion into FBI
headquarters where they transferred the League members to a secret compound
beneath Metropolis. In the meantime Lex's political operatives reportedly
worked around the clock in an effort to change the minds of influential
politicians in

It is also rumored that Lex had much success in swaying votes in
Washington, but still the widespread protests concerned many politicians.
Congress ultimately decided that they were obligated to secure the release
of the Justice League.

Not wanting to drag themselves into what they perceived as mostly a war
among metahumans, congress agreed to act by releasing metahuman prisoners
who had proven themselves to be faithful to the League by having turned
themselves over to authorities, in the hope that one day they would become a
part of the League.

The most notable of these metahumans were Arthur Curry and Victor Stone,
former members of a group known as the 'Agents of Justice', and also Kevin
Grady, a former member of the terrorist group 'Hand of Vengeance' who has
since become more commonly known as the first metahuman to successfully
petition the League for membership.

Although their initial number was small, the government hoped that more
metahumans would come out to support the League, just as the general
population had done. However, at this time, many metahumans had become more
skeptical than ever of the government, mainly because of the rumored deal,
made by Lex Luthor, to have the League members taken into custody.
However, one metahuman calling herself Black Canary worked selflessly to
rally support for the released prisoners. Black Canary, also a former member
of 'Agents of Justice', has long been a fervent supporter of the League, and
was said to be deeply saddened by their imprisonment. It's reported that she
speaks openly of a dream she had the night of the arrest in which she saw an
eagle soaring over Metropolis, the dream that has since convinced her to
join the cause of the released prisoners.

Along side Black Canary are other former members of 'Agents of Justice'
including Green Arrow and another metahuman calling herself the Huntress.
Reportedly they have since become close friends.