The Dark Lady

Jeff Palmer, a former member of Lex Luthor's "Legion of Doom", escaped an attempt on his life by two of Lex's operatives. Clark Kent aided in his escape.

In return for
Clark's help Jeff agreed to provide the Justice League with information that would help them to prevent the assassination of a Federal Reserve Board Governor. Jeff told the league about the person responsible, Tina Greer, and gave them information on how she could be stopped. He told them about a time when Tina had been searching for the base of operations of Lana Lang's group, the Hand of Vengeance, on the Kawatche Indian reservation when Tina was deterred by a pack of skinwalkers (members of the Kawatche tribe who are able to take the form of wolves).

The Justice League provided the
U.S. government with this information. The U.S. government, in return, asked the Justice League to seek out these skinwalkers. Clark, who was an honored member of the Kawatche tribe, headed to the reservation. There he found several tribe members who were eager to capture the assassin whom they called the Dark Lady. Operation Perseus was born.
(Note: The actor on the left is Daniel Henney as Agent Zero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine)