Note: The following story is based on the collage entitled 'My Justice League picks vs. my Legion of Doom picks, second collage' (found on my web site):

After months of surveillance the Justice League was finally able to track down
the base of operations of criminal mastermind Lex Luthor, thanks largely to the
efforts of Chloe Sullivan. Chloe had managed to infiltrate the base and transmit
a message, but was cut off.

After an hour of radio silence the League fears the worst. Although the League's
top priority at the time was to capture Lex Luthor, who by then had already
become a threat to all humanity, Jordan Cross ordered the League to move in
prematurely to see if they could save Chloe Sullivan. He made this decision
after having a vision of Chloe in which she was still alive.

To get there as quickly as possible
Jordan would run alongside Clark at
superspeed, and Kyle would run alongside Bart. The remaining League members
would then follow as quickly as possible.

Thanks to information from Chloe, the first to arrive easily made their way past
Lex's defenses, and were able to enter the base undetected. They were also able
to locate Chloe who was incapacitated but still breathing.
Clark tried to wake
her but was unsuccessful. They feared that Chloe was in a coma.

Jordan asked Bart to take Chloe to a hospital nearby where she would receive
medical attention.
Clark wondered if the power of his Fortress could revive her.

After Bart returned, the League decided that they would make the most of the
situation and would use the information they received from Chloe to locate and
capture Lex. To do this they split up into two groups: Kyle teamed with Bart and
Jordan with
Clark. The two teams moved to two locations where they believed they
would find Lex. They moved slowly and carefully to reduce the possibility of
being detected.

Kyle and Bart headed west through a ventilation shaft. After crawling about 100
meters they heard someone talking. They recognized the voice of Molly Griggs,
one of Lex's chief bodyguards. She seemed to be talking to Lex on a phone. They
heard Molly mention that Lex was in a room about 500 meters to the west, and was
preparing to leave the compound in a helipcopter.

Bart and Kyle tried to contact Clark and Jordan but weren't able to get through.
Bart ran off at superspeed through the shaft in a last ditch effort to stop Lex.
Kyle followed behind him, moving as fast as he could.

In another part of the compound,
Jordan was seeing another vision. This time he
saw Bart lying on the ground, struggling to breathe. It appeared to
Jordan that
Bart had been commanded to choke by Mxyzptlk. He also saw Kyle and Mxyzptlk
together. The two of them appeared to be struggling.
Jordan told Clark that he
believed that
Clark only had time to save one of them.

Clark ran as fast as he could to Bart's location. He fould him lying on the
floor, choking. Instinctively
Clark tapped Bart's head and he was knocked
unconscious, yet breathed regularly as if asleep.

Clark quickly ran further west, hoping to find Mxyzptlk and Kyle, but was
stopped by a door that was painted with a kryptonite-based paint. But through a
window he was able to see them. They appeared to be struggling over a gun.

Kyle noticed
Clark through the window, and from behind Clark he appeared to
notice Bart also. For some reason, possibly thinking that Bart was dead, Kyle
lost his focus and was shot by Mxyzptlk. Mxyzptlk also saw
Clark and began to
run down the hallway which led to the helicopter pad outside.

Clark banged on the window, trying to break it, but he was weakened by the
kryptonite on the door nearby. After a few minutes he managed to break through
the window.

Jordan caught up to Clark and they climbed into the room together. Bart, having
been awakened by the sound of the gunshot, joined them as well.
Jordan asked
Bart, being the fastest, to take Kyle to
Clark's Fortress, hoping that they
would be able to revive him there, or at least put him in stasis.

Jordan and Clark ran down the hallway after Lex and Mxyzptlk.
Clark ran ahead as
fast as he could, but was soon weakened by green kryptonite, this time from the
floor tiling. He slowly became weaker, but he would not give up.
Clark realized
that as Naman, from the Kawatche Indian prophecy, he was the only person who
could ultimately put and end to Lex Luthor. In his life of crime Lex had earned
a reputation as being a 'man out of time' who could not be killed after evading
death on numerous occasions.
Clark could not let him escape. But, try as he
Clark was not able to withstand the green kryptonite for long, and
Clark's heart sank.

Jordan caught up with Clark and helped him back to safety. Together they wondered if
their last hope at stopping Lex was gone forever. They also wondered if the
world would survive the madness of Lex Luthor, a manipulative genius and a
criminal mastermind, who had become a threat to all of humanity. Jordan and Clark ran together to the Fortress, where they met up with Bart, to see if there was anything more they could do for Kyle and Chloe.