Almost two years after the fight between Tina Greer and Jeff Palmer at Belle Reve Sanitarium, Bizarro disappeared. Bizarro, a member of Tina Greer's vanguard, was one of the most powerful members of Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom, and Tina's most fervent supporter. After a month of absence he was declared dead by Lex Luthor.

After Bizarro's apparent death Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire) rose to prominence among the vanguard. He began to show signs of leadership and was liked a great deal by many of his peers. It seemed like only a matter of time before he became the head of the vanguard himself, and several members of the vanguard secretly began to plot Tina's demise.

Tina, sensing a mutiny, arranged a meeting where she would surrender herself to the Justice League.

(List of actors, clockwise from top left: Anna Mae Routledge from 'Injustice', Jim Thorburn from 'Bulletproof', Eric Christian Olsen from 'Hourglass', Shonda Farr from 'Drone', Beatrice Rosen from 'Spirit', Adrian Holmes from 'Lexmas' and 'Fanatic'.)