City of Lights
Chaos erupted on the streets of
Paris as Earth First began a coordinated attack against several Luthorcorp facilities. As the first-responders made their way through the destruction, no one took notice of a mild-mannered reporter who casually walked toward the Eiffel Tower.

After a few minutes
Clark finally arrived at the tower. He was startled and angered to see Jeff Palmer there. Clark, already bitter after Jeff's attacks that left several Justice League members dead or in a coma, rushed to him. But as Clark got within a few feet he weakened, and stepped back. Using his x-ray vision he saw that Jeff was wearing Bizarro's kryptonite ring.

Clark's intrusion shocked Jeff. Jeff pulled out some kind of weapon and aimed it at Clark. "You...", Jeff said, puzzled, "what the hell are you doing here?"

Clark, filled with angst, said, "You bastard. Steel and Ice are dead. Greg is in a coma. What do you have to say for yourself?!"

Jeff replied, "I don't have time for a debate,
Clark. I need to get to the top of that tower."

Clark said, "I'm heading to the tower. Tina is going to turn herself over to the Justice League."

Jeff looked down in disbelief, and let out a laugh. "You don't really believe that, do you
Clark? It's a trap."

Clark said, "Haven't you killed enough people already? Now you're going to kill Tina too?! The Legion of Doom is here right now, in Paris. Earth First is attacking Luthorcorp. After they're done with Earth First the legion will come for you."

"That's fine,
Clark", Jeff replied. "At least I won't have blood on my hands."

Clark replied, "You attacked your own friends!"

"It had to be done,
Clark!", Jeff yelled. "Their sacrifice that has given me the power to finally end this, and kill Tina!"

You're mad!",
Clark said disheartedly. He looked down, ashamed of his former friend.

Jeff responded, "After Tina is gone the legion will go with her. Tina is Lex's protégé and Lex is weak. Ever since Mxyzptlk's betrayal he trusts only her. The rest of her gang is nothing but thugs. It's only a matter of time before Earth First takes care of them."

Clark responded with contempt, asking Jeff, "What do you know about the legion?! Are you so sure that you're willing to risk the lives of your new friends? If you're wrong then it's Earth First who will lose. One of their members is only sixteen years old. Her name is Imra Ardeen. She deserves a second chance, Jeff! She deserves to live!"

Jeff bitterly looked in
Clark's eyes and said, "Too many have died already. It's time to end this." He lifted his weapon and pointed it at Clark. "Help me to end this, Clark", he said.

Clark looked back at Jeff, incredulously, and uttered the word, "No."

Jeff fired. His weapon hit
Clark with red-sun radiation. Clark fell to the ground, unconscious.