Bad Blood
Chaos erupted on the streets of
Paris as Earth First began a coordinated attack against several Luthorcorp facilities. As tourists fled the Eiffel Tower, no one took notice of a French police officer in full dress uniform, including a sword. From the Eiffel Tower, Tina Greer calmly watched the raucous below.

Although Tina had a fear of heights she had been careful not to reveal her fear to the Legion of Doom, especially now when they were plotting against her. She reluctantly agreed to monitor the counterattack on Earth First from the
Eiffel Tower. The tower was considered safe because it was a place that Earth First revered, as it was built without help from aliens.

Behind her Jeff Palmer slowly approached. He stopped at a distance of twenty feet.

"Oh, it's you", Tina said despondently. She looked down at the chaos and said, "Look at them, Jeff. Look at how they chase each other like cats and dogs. How did this happen to us?"

Jeff morbidly said, "The ones, who haven't escaped you, are drugged. The ones who aren't drugged are dead."

Tina soberly responded, "I see you have your dagger. Fair's fair. Give up your sword so we can finish this."

Jeff unsheathed his sword and tossed it over the side of the tower. Tina carefully averted her eyes from the falling sword, and then threw her own sword.

Tina lunged at him, but Jeff was ready. Over and over again he evaded Tina's attacks. As she fought, Tina carefully kept her distance from the edges of the tower and avoided looking down. But eventually her fear took over.

Tina struck the first blow, but it was merely a flesh wound. Jeff quickly struck back. The grazed each other again and again as the fight slowly dragged on.

Finally Tina managed to kick the knife out of Jeff's hand. But in her desperation Tina forgot to avert her eyes. As she watched Jeff's knife fall into the darkness a wave of fear came over her. Before she could collect herself Jeff struck her in the face with a jump kick.

Tina was startled for a moment. She pressed her hand against her bleeding lip. Jeff was also startled at the ease of his attack. Tina responded with a mad fury.

Jeff took some blows, but quickly regained his footing. He defended himself well, and then began an attack of his own. Tina and Jeff were both very skilled at hand to hand combat. They fought for minutes that seemed like hours, neither one able to achieve victory. Finally Tina grabbed Jeff and tossed him aside.

Jeff was exhausted. He sat in the darkness with his head down, feeling the sting of defeat. Slowly he looked up and saw that a chain had caught on Tina's leg. He laughed carelessly.

Tina carefully looked down and again she was struck by fear. A white chain encircled her left leg. Tina heard a noise and looked up. Her fear turned to panic as Jeff rushed at her at full speed.

Tina and Jeff tumbled over the side of the tower together, the chain breaking under their combined weight. Tina managed to grab onto the side of the tower as Jeff tumbled into the darkness below, screaming. A scream from Tina woke
Clark Kent, who had been unconscious, below.