Tina and Jeff tumbled over the side of the Eiffel Tower together, the chain breaking under their combined weight. Tina managed to grab onto the side of the tower as Jeff tumbled into the darkness below, screaming. A scream from Tina woke Clark Kent, who had been unconscious, below.

Clark looked up and saw Tina hanging onto the tower. He knew she couldn't hold on for long so he decided to fly to her. But as he tried to lift off nothing happened, so instead he ran up the tower.

He got to the top, peered over the edge and saw Tina, who was crying. He began to reach for her when he felt pain. He forgot, Tina also had a kryptonite ring.

Tina cried, "Help me!"

It was very windy.
Clark yelled over the wind, "You'll have to take off your ring!"

"I can't!", Tina cried.

Clark was too weak to lift her, but he had to do something so he lowered one arm over the edge, hung onto the tower, and yelled, "Then climb!"

"I can't!", Tina cried.

"Yes you can!",
Clark yelled.

"I can't!", she cried again.

"Come on, Tina! It's just like when we climbed rope in gym class!",
Clark yelled.

Clark?!", she cried.

"Come on, Tina! You can do it!", he yelled.

"Tina grabbed onto
Clark's arm and began to climb. But after a minute she became frightened again, and grabbed onto the tower."

"You're going to have to take off that ring, Tina!",
Clark yelled.

"It's all I have left!", she cried.

"There's no other way, Tina!",
Clark responded.

Tina, still crying, clung to the tower. She was getting weaker, and couldn't hold on much longer. With one hand she slowly reached to remove the ring from her other hand, but she slipped. Tina fell into the darkness below and screamed.

"No!", Clark yelled. He instinctively reached out for her, but he was already weakened from the kryptonite.
Clark collapsed. His limp body hung on the guard rail.