‘White Rabbit’

The Legion of Doom battled Earth First in the streets of Paris, oblivious as their commander Tina Greer
fell from the
Eiffel Tower.

Clark instinctively reached to save Tina, but he was already weakened from the kryptonite. Clark collapsed. His limp body hung on the guard rail.

Minutes later Bart Allen (AKA the Flash) appeared.
Clark was still hanging onto the guardrail. Bart yelled to him, "It's over! We have to get the hell out of here!"

Clark turned and looked at Bart for a moment, and then he collapsed.

Bart was shocked. He picked up
Clark and ran at hyper-speed to an emergency room nearby. Doctors placed Clark on a table. Clark muttered to Bart, "Get Jeff now."

Bart ran back to the
Eiffel Tower in seconds to find Jeff Palmer. Crowds were forming around Jeff and Tina. It was too late. It would only be a matter of time before the Legion of Doom knew what happened.

Suddenly, a teenage girl ran over to Tina and swiped her kryptonite ring. "Thief!", a man shouted. Bart ran over and quickly grabbed her. To his surprise, it was Imra Ardeen, a member of Earth First known as Lady Saturnine who was a close advisor to Emerald Empress. She had tears in her eyes, and was very afraid.

Bart knew that a war between Earth First and the Legion of Doom seemed inevitable now, and that no one, not even the Justice League, could stop it. Bart felt sorry and let Imra take the ring, for all the good it would do against the Legion of Doom.

(Note: The photo on the right is Alexz Johnson)