'The League of Shadows'
The death of Tina Greer came as a great shock to Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire). He had always considered Tina a close friend.

Jason was becoming an effective leader within the Legion, and was surrounded by many supporters. It was the greatest time of his life. After he was elected unanimously to be the new commander of the Legion's vanguard he concluded that Tina had died protecting him from Jeff Palmer (AKA the Phantom), a member of Earth First. He recalled how she had been distant over the past few months.

Jason was outraged. He saw Earth First as a menace that needed to be wiped out, and swore that he wouldn't rest until he had the head of Emerald Empress.

Ironically, many of the Legion members who conspired against Tina Greer died in the very war that was begun by Jason Dante. Those who survived disappeared soon afterward and were never heard from again.

(Note: The photo in the upper-left corner is Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne)