Year's ago, after Jeff Palmer's long and difficult rehabilitation at Belle Reve Sanitarium, Jeff was invited by his sister Amy to join a government organization that worked closely with Luthorcorp. Amy Palmer was still utterly obsessed with Lex Luthor and believed that Jeff could turn his life around with Luthorcorp.

Jeff began training at a facility in
Montana called Black Creek. His trainer was a woman named Tina Greer. Tina was a harsh and unforgiving teacher. One day, during one of Jeff's training sessions, Tina lost her temper and threatened him. She claimed that a device had been implanted in his head that could be used to kill him.

Jeff felt betrayed. He spent hours by himself in his dorm room. One day he was approached by Dr. Molly Griggs.

Jeff was very depressed. He slouched and stared at the floor. "Is it true?", he asked her. "Did you put this thing in my head?"

"Jeff...", she muttered. "Why didn't they tell you?", she wondered.

Jeff stared into her eyes bitterly, and asked again, "Is it true?"

"Jeff...we all do. We all have one."

Jeff became depressed again and stared at the floor. He had a blank expression on his face.

"Does Lex have one?", he asked.

Molly sadly looked into Jeff's eyes and said, "I can't tell you that." She blurted out that she was sorry and then left.