On the day that the two time portals appeared, the Promethea along with Mxyzptlk waited outside a Luthorcorp facility. The facility housed a force-field generator. The generator created several force fields, including a large one, at a nearby location, which protected a weapon that could kill a Green Lantern in orbit. There they waited for
Jeremy Creek, a monk from Mexico who was rumored to be one of the most powerful metahumans on the planet.

Mxyzptlk had been trying to contact Jeremy for weeks, and was unsure if he would arrive. They had once been good friends, yet had become estranged over the years. The Promethea waited patiently, certain that Jeremy would appear.

Finally, Jeremy touched down from the sky. He hit the ground with such force that Mxyzptlk stumbled. The powerful Promethea remained as still as statues.

Jeremy scanned them, reading their minds, and learned their plan of attack. "It's time!", he called to them, and he began moving toward the facility which housed the force-field generator, which was itself surrounded by a smaller force field.

As Jeremy moved into the wake of the force-field it flashed and sparked, and was forced back. Jeremy had a force field of his own, which until then had been invisible.

The Promethea were amazed by Jeremy's power. The Promethea had fought many battles. They were old soldiers, yet after seeing Jeremy's abilities for themselves they ran forward like gung-ho recruits.

As they came close to the facility they saw Mordru and his Chaos Lords watching them from a high window, and stopped. Mordru had no knowledge of Jeremy's powers. He only knew rumors, and was afraid. To test Jeremy's powers he sent forth a sentinel, a powerful robot created with the most advanced technology.

Jeremy stood motionless as the robot approeached until it was almost on top of him. Then, suddenly, he made a motion with his hand as if he was grabbing it from the air and throwing to the ground, and the robot was utterly destroyed.

In the distance several new robots appeared. "Get going!", Jeremy called to the Promethea. Jeremy had read Mxyzptlk's mind and knew their plan. He would fight the sentinels while the Promethea began their attack. Beams of light extended from Jeremy's arms like swords. He raised his arms into the air, ready to fight.
(Actors, from left to right: Samuel L. Jackson, Lance Henriksen, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Walken as 'The Promethea')