'Captain of the Rearguard'
The Promethea ran with Mxyzptlk into a facility that housed the force-field generator.
Inside waited Mordru and his Chaos Lords. Jeremy Creek, a monk from Mexico and one of the most powerful metahumans on the planet, remained outside to repel the buildings automated defenses.

Mordru had no knowledge of Jeremy's powers. He only knew rumors, and was afraid. Instead of engaging the Promethea he instead sent his minions to fight them while he watched and learned about Jeremy's powers.

Meanwhile Mxyzptlk, not having the ability to defend himself against such powerful adversaries, hid himself in the building and took command of the Promethea over a wireless microphone.

The fearless Chaos Lords charged the Promethea, but they were arrogant and had no strategy. Mxyzptlk coordinated the Promethea's attacks, with help from the building's security cameras. At times he also used his own power to trip up his enemies.

Eventually the Chaos Lords became desperate. They stumbled again and again in their attempts to subdue their enemies. Some of the them turned away from the Promethea and shot randomly though the building in an attempt to kill Mxyzptlk.

Jeremy Creek, still outside, slew robot after robot Mordru nervously waited as the building began to fall apart around him. Finally Jeremy was surrounded by a group of robots. His arms became more and more tired as he swung at them with his light swords. Finally, Jeremy appeared distracted. In each of his arms he held a robot. Another robot swooped in for the kill. Suddenly, beams of light burst from Jeremy's eyes and mouth and the robot was utterly destroyed.

"NOOOOOO!", Mordru screamed. "WE'VE BEEN TRICKED!", he yelled to his Chaos Lords, who continued to fight a losing battle. Jeremy had been holding back, hiding his true power. Determined to have Jeremy's powers for himself Mordru ordered his Chaos Lords to follow him. Mordru, not thinking, flew right through a window to get outside. Together they seized Jeremy.

Mordru and Jeremy struggled, while two Chaos Lords grabbed Jeremy from the side. As Mordru's lords grabbed Jeremy they suddenly flew backwards into the sand as if they had received a powerful electrical shock.

Jeremy was getting weaker. He knew it would not be long before Mordru would be able to steal his power, so he gave up struggling and flooded Mordru with all of his energy. Mordru screamed, and struggled to free himself. Suddenly there was an explosion. When the smoke cleared both Jeremy and Mordru were lying in the sand, motionless.
(Actors from left to right: Adrian McMorran as
Jeremy Creek, Oded Fehr as Mordru, Trent Ford as Mikail Mxyzptlk)