Mordru and Jeremy struggled, while two Chaos Lords grabbed Jeremy from the sides. As Mordru's lords grabbed Jeremy they suddenly flew backwards into the sand as if they had received a powerful electrical shock.

Jeremy was getting weaker. He knew it would not be long before Mordru would be able to steal his power, so he gave up struggling and flooded Mordru with all of his energy. Mordru screamed, and struggled to free himself. Suddenly there was an explosion. When the smoke cleared both Jeremy and Mordru were lying in the sand, motionless.

Mxyzptlk and the Promethea heard an explosion and ran outside. There they found Mordru and Jeremy, along with the remainder of the Chaos Lords.

The Chaos Lords had been defeated. For years Mxyzptlk had dreamt of this moment, the moment when he would finally have his revenge against the Legion of Doom. He had dreamt of a great victory, but at that moment he was filled with only a sense of shock.

Mxyzptlk stared at Jeremy, lying motionless in the sand, and thought back to the time when they first met Lex Luthor. As members of Lex's organization Mxyzptlk and Jeremy thought they were destined to be heroes, saving the world from hostile aliens and metahumans. But it wasn't long before they came to the realization that Lex Luthor was a madman.

Mxyzptlk continued to stare at Jeremy. The Promethea gathered around him. Jeremy stared back at them with a sense of wonder, as the light faded from his eyes.