Decades after Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), and Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) joined the Justice League a mystical being, and associate of Lex Luthor, named Tala revealed to the world that the long conflict between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom was brought about through the design of Jor-El, a Kryptonian. Tala revealed that Jor-El had programmed Lex Luthor and Kal-El (AKA Superman) so that neither one could ever completely destroy the other. Instead a balance was to be maintained, keeping the Earth in an unending war.

This claim by Tala was confirmed by several members of the Justice League who had mystical powers similar to hers.

Many metahumans on both sides of the conflict abandoned their leaders. Within the Justice League Green Arrow was one of the most vocal of the ones to leave. Black Canary was one of the most vocal of those to stay. Oliver tried to convince her to leave. She refused. Huntress also would not go with him.

Many League members went with Green Arrow. Some of them flew. Others traveled in airplanes. Together they took to the sky as one of the most powerful forces the world had ever seen.

Finally they landed in the
Arctic and began their march to the Fortress. There they would join an equally powerful force--members of the Legion of Doom. As Green Arrow walked, his pace began to slow. He began to lag behind. Green Arrow continued his slow pace. He fell farther and farther behind until he could walk no more.

The League members, some of them still smiling and enthusiastic, turned and looked at him in surprise. Together they all stopped and looked. Green Arrow walked toward them. As he approached the League members were shocked to see that there were tears in his eyes.

"Dinah and Helena are the best friends I've ever had", Green Arrow told them. "If they can trust Jor-El, then that's enough for me."

Some League members continued to stare at him in shock. Others cursed him, and continued on. But, ultimately, many of them returned to the Hall of Justice with Green Arrow.

When the Justice League council learned that Green Arrow had convinced so many league members to return, they voted to finally grant council membership to Green Arrow, Helena and Dinah.

Weeks later the Justice League heard rumors of the great battle that took place that day at the fortress. The league members who continued on to the fortress joined the Legion members, and together they fought a hellish battle against the fortress's defenses. The survivors were rumored to have returned with the Legion to Lex Luthor's hidden fortress.
(Note: The photo on the left is Maria Bello as "Dinah Lance/Black Canary". The photo on the right is Matthew Mcconaughey from the movie 'Reign of Fire' as "Green Arrow")