After the apparent murder of Tina Greer at the hands of Jeff Palmer (AKA the Phantom) the Legion of Doom declared war on the group known as Earth First, a xenophobic group of metahumans who opposed the interference of aliens in what they considered to be "Earth matters". Under the leadership of Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire) the Legion became united for the first time in years.

Earth First was outnumbered. As the battle raged on, casualties mounted--not only among metahumans but among humans as well who became caught in the conflict. The Justice League stationed teams of officers in afflicted cities, but these teams were spread out too thin to have a significant impact.

One day a mysterious man calling himself Arkham surrendered himself to the FBI, claiming to be a member of a secret organization called the 'League of Shadows'. He presented the FBI with information he obtained about the Legion of Doom's attack plan. The FBI turned over Arkham along with his information to the Justice League.

The Justice League council, eager to review this information that could be used to save lives, granted an audience to Arkham.
Clark Kent (also known as Superman and Kal-El), the Justice League's current leader, welcomed him and thanked him for his help.

After the Justice League reviewed his information,
Clark thanked Arkham again and informed him that the information would be very useful in reducing civilian casualties.

Arkham was puzzled. "You refer to them as civilians?", he asked.

"I'm sorry?",
Clark responded casually.

"Earth First", Arkham responded seriously.

Clark casually responded, "No, of course not. I was referring to the general public."

Arkham sighed. "But you are going to save Earth First", Arkham continued.

Clark was incredulous. "No", he replied, puzzled.

Arkham became distressed. "But you're the Justice League. You save people", he said.

Clark said at a loss for words.

"Mr. Wayne", Arkham added.

"Mr. Wayne, the Justice League does save people, but we cannot help people who don't want our help",
Clark said.

Becoming more agitated, Arkham said, "I don't understand."

Clark added, "The Justice League council will not order our officers to save our enemies."

Arkham incredulously asked, "But you're Superman. Surely there's something you can do to stop this massacre?"

"I'm sorry",
Clark replied. "The Justice League only helps when called upon."

"No, I'm sorry", Arkham said bitterly. There was a uncomfortable silence, then he continued saying, "the mistake is mine". He glared at
Clark, turned around, and left.
(Note: The photo on the left is Peter Wingfield from X-Men 2 as "Arkham/Bruce