First Responder
After the apparent murder of Tina Greer at the hands of Jeff Palmer (AKA the Phantom) the Legion of Doom declared war on the group known as Earth First, a xenophobic group of metahumans who opposed the interference of aliens in what they considered to be "Earth matters". Under the leadership of Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire) the Legion became united for the first time in years.

Earth First was outnumbered. As the battle raged on, casualties mounted--not only among metahumans but among humans as well who became caught in the conflict. The Justice League stationed teams of officers in afflicted cities, including

Explosions rang out from a building in Park Row in the East End of Gotham, where members of Earth First were rumored to be hiding. It was a Luthorcorp strike team, sent to turn the building into rubble.

Another team of Justice League officers rushed to intercept the strike team, but when they got there they were surprised to find that the Luthorcorp team had already been incapacitated. They searched the building, expecting to find members of Earth First, but they found no survivors except for one man wearing a mask and a dark cloak. Upon hearing his voice, Justice League officer Victor Sage (AKA The Question II) immediately recognized the man as Arkham, a former member of the League of Shadows who had provided the Justice League with details of the Legion of Doom's attack plan.

The Justice League officers informed Arkham that the building was unstable, but he refused to leave. Justice League council members J'onn J'onzz (AKA the Martian Manhunter),
Clark Kent (AKA Kal-El, Superman), and Bart Allen (AKA Flash) arrived shortly after.

Victor informed the council members that his team had taken four members of a Luthorcorp strike team into custody. Superman, the Justice League's current leader, congratulated him. Victor informed him that the strike team had already been incapacitated when they arrived, by Arkham.

Clark was puzzled. "How could one man do all this?", he asked.

"Arkham's devices seem very similar to Blue Beetle's, sir", Victor replied. "When we found the strike team they were entangled with cables. At the end of the cables we found one of these."

Victor handed
Clark what appeared to be a grappling hook in the shape of a bat.

"What the hell?",
Clark wondered.

"They're everywhere, sir", Victor continued, "hooks, boomerangs, throwing stars. He has several guns, and a belt with concealed pouches, sir."

"I see",
Clark added. "Where is he?", he asked, "I want to speak with him."

"He's refusing to leave the building, sir", Victor replied.

Clark said. He then turned to Bart and J'onn, telling them, "I've got to see this for myself." Together Clark entered the building with Bart and J'onn.

(Note: The photo in the middle is Jeffrey Combs from the animated series Justice League Unlimited as "Victor Sage/The Question II")