‘City of Wonders’

J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, was shipwrecked on the island of Themyscira, powerless and with no memory. There he was confronted by a race of Amazons. Believing him to be a human they attacked him. As he struggled to explain himself he was struck by a sword. It was only a flesh wound, but the Amazons saw his blood and realized he was not human.

The Amazon who struck him, royal guard Aella, was punished by her fellow soldiers. Her sword was taken from her. Her helmet was removed and she was struck in the face with it. Then she was made to kneel and was given back her sword, which she offered to J'onn. J'onn, puzzled, walked up to her and lifted up the sword, wondering why they had offered him this thing. The remaining Amazons formed an archway with their swords, directing him toward the city. J'onn curiously walked ahead.

Weeks passed as he rested and regained his strength. He received a letter of condolence from Queen Hippolyta for his injuries, and an invitation to dine with her and her court. He was also given a tour of the city of

As J'onn walked through the streets of Themyscira he felt as though he was walking the streets of ancient
Athens. Themyscira was a beautiful city with many temples, elegant pools, colorful frescoes, and statues.

But what most impressed J'onn was their technology. During his tour he witnessed miraculous healing devices, armor that was virtually indestructible, and even a flying machine that could become invisible. But over time the technology of the Amazons became so advanced that there was no need to repair it. Eventually the Amazons became technologically regressed, knowing how to use their technology, yet knowing nothing about how it worked. Some had even begun to refer to it as magic.