My Justice League picks, eighteenth collage:

Oliver's gang considered their biggest threat in Metropolis to be the remnants of the

Morgan Edge gang, who had since recruited among the metahuman population. The

Edge gang increased in strength after Lionel Luthor learned about his son's ambitions

to create an elite task force of metahumans for his own purposes. Upon this

discovery Lionel went into a jealous rage. Fearing his own death at the hands of his

son Lionel threw all his support and finances behind the Morgan Edge gang.


The leaders of the Edge gang were elated to receive Lionel's support, but in their

jubilation they did not anticipate the speed of Lex's response. When the moment was

right Lex moved into Metropolis with his "Legion of Doom". He ordered them to wipe

out the Edge gang to set an example for the other metahuman gangs. Lionel Luthor

was killed in the attack. The Edge gang's hideout was completely destroyed in a

massive explosion.


Several nearby buildings caught on fire. One of them was a children's hospital.

Oliver's gang arrived on the scene soon afterward to assist in the rescue effort. They

were told by hospital officials that many people had been evacuated, but there were

certain parts of the hospital that weren't accessible because of the fire.


Jordan Cross was able to pinpoint the location of children and hospital workers still

trapped inside by focusing his mind. He instructed Bart Allen and Arthur Curry on

how to bring them back safely. Bart and Arthur were able to save most of the people

trapped inside before the building collapsed. Jordan was later able to locate people

who had been trapped in debris, but only a few of them were still alive.


Bart was shocked that Lex Luthor had discovered the location of the Edge gang's

secret hideout. Bart had only just recently been able to discover it's location while

working for Oliver's gang. He began to suspect that someone had revealed the secret

location to one of Lex Luthor's special operatives.