The Safe House
Day after day people report mysterious attacks and disappearances in Smallville and all across
Lowell County. After investigating further, Clark Kent learns that the victims of these attacks were meteor-infected. He also hears rumors that some of the victims appeared to lose their memories and were thought to have joined a mysterious cult on the Kawatche reservation.

Clark wondered if Lana had anything to do with this. He knew that Lana had been recruiting people, some of them the victims of Luthorcorp and Summerholt experiments, in an effort to create a vigilante task force to counter Lex.

Clark had recently joined up with Jordan Cross, Bart Allen and Kyle Tippet, who were now calling themselves the Justice League. As a group they made one of their main objectives to help to enforce law and order in Lowell County. To prevent further attacks they located as many meteor-infected individuals as they could and directed them to safe houses at secret locations.

A few nights later one of the safe houses was attacked. The residents couldn't be found anywhere the following morning, and the house itself was burnt to the ground.

The Justice League went to the site to investigate. Jordan Cross saw visions of Lana. She appeared to be using her power ring to raze the house to the ground. He also had visions of Kevin Grady who appeared to be erasing the minds of the residents, and Byron Moore appeared to be leading them in the direction of the Kawatche reservation.

The Justice League made plans to set a trap. They relocated the residents of the other safe house, and staked it out for the night.

Later that night they were shocked by a crowd that suddenly rushed the house. The crowd entered through the doors and the windows almost as if they were in some kind of zombie trance. Bart, moving at hyper-speed, was able to tie them up in a matter of seconds. They fell to the ground in shock and struggled to escape their bonds.

Clark anxiously looked them over. He recognized many of them as people he'd seen with Lana.

Clark was furious that Lana would act like this. He thought that her power ring must be affecting her mind. It's effect on her and her followers seemed almost hypnotic.

Still angry,
Clark asked Kyle Tippet to tell one of Lana's followers to run back to Lana and tell her what happened.

Clark had brought a small wooden horse with him. It looked like the black horse that Lana used to ride. He had planned to leave it for Lana, with a note, hoping she would remember the person that she once was. But now seeing what she was capable of, he tossed away the note and wrote a new one.

He told her that when she rides in the forest she should remember the Justice League. She should remember their strength, and their determination to defend the rights of the weak. "We are the Justice League", he told her, "and we will not rest until you are defeated".